The Fall season is a favorite time of year for many people. They enjoy watching the colors of the leaves change, taking advantage of the mild weather, and watching football games with family and friends. When you head out to enjoy all that this time of year has to offer, you should drive with more caution as this season also comes with some hazardous conditions for motorists. Check out these driver safety tips for Fall.

Driving In the Rain

rainy driving

The rain creates dangerous driving conditions at any time of year, but it’s especially hazardous in the Fall. It’s darker for more hours in the day, fog reduces visibility, and on the coldest of mornings, there could even be some patches of ice. When driving in the rain, be sure to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, don’t use your cruise control feature, and slow down.

Be Careful of Falling Leaves

fall leaves driving

The falling and changing colors of the leaves define the beauty of the season. However, they also create a problem for drivers, especially on roads that are already slick from rain or morning dew. Fallen leaves on the road create a slipping threat that could cause you to lose control of your car. Luckily, the colors make them easy to see against dark asphalt. As you’re approaching a road with a lot of leaves on the ground, be sure to reduce your speed. Don’t underestimate how much these leaves can make your car slide.

Driving In Fog

foggy driving

Fog is one of the most dangerous driving conditions because of its ability to greatly reduce your visibility. It descends quickly and makes the entire landscape take on a gray haze, which can cause anxiety for drivers. Because it reduces your visibility it will also reduce your reaction time, giving you less opportunity to avoid collision with other vehicles, wildlife, or objects in the road. To combat foggy conditions make sure that you are particularly vigilant. Just like in rainy conditions, leave more distance than usual between yourself and the car in front of you. In the foggiest conditions, use the right-side line as a guide to stay straight in your lane and never use your high beams, instead of sticking with your low beams.

Seeing Through The Glare

sun glare driving

Fall isn’t all just gloom and rain; there are also beautiful days full of warmth and sun that you also have to look forward to this time of year. Because the sun sets earlier in the day, more people will find themselves driving directly into the glare of the sun as it sits lower in the sky. This makes rush hour trickier to navigate with more cars on the road. Even during the day, drive with your headlights on to increase your visibility and make good use of your sun visor. Just like in the fog, use the lane markers to help you maintain your lane and consider investing in a good pair of polarized sunglasses.