Being a college student means that you’re at a point in life when you’ll be making a lot of moves. You’re moving off and back on campus at least twice a year, plus you’re likely involved in many activities that will require you to haul items and equipment back and forth to campus. Having access to a pickup truck will make these responsibilities and projects a lot easier for you. When you need the extra space, renting a pickup truck is quick and convenient. Plus, at Towson Economy Auto Rental, you’re able to rent a vehicle even if you’re under the age of 25. Check out some of the ways college students use pickup truck rentals throughout the school year.

Decorating and Furnishing Your Dorm

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Most dorm rooms and college apartments already come fully furnished. However, if you’re an upper classman and have decided to get an apartment with a couple of your best friends, then it’s up to you to provide your own furniture. Renting a pickup truck to get your new furniture back to your place is a quick and simple option. There’s plenty of space to safely get a couch, dining set, desks, and bed frames and mattresses back to your apartment. It also gives you more scheduling flexibility, instead of having to coordinate a delivery time with the store.

Participating in Homecoming

Many student organizations participate in the college homecoming parade. If you don’t have a car, renting a pickup truck is a great way to get involved. You can decorate the truck itself and use it to carry other members of your organization or team through the parade route. You can also use the truck to attach a trailer that features your float.

Tailgating At The Games


One of the most well-known, and fun, traditions related to college football is tailgating. You can use your rented pickup truck to support your team by setting up your own tailgate party right outside the stadium. Use it to bring all your food and supplies to the parking lot, then use the bed for seating. You can do this on a weekly basis throughout the season or for special occasions like homecoming, playoffs, or conference titles.

Transporting Band or Film Equipment

Students that major in the arts or just have an extracurricular interest in music and filmmaking will find themselves having to rent large band or film equipment. Renting a pickup truck creates a convenient and easy way to get your instruments and film equipment back to campus for your next show or film project.