There are many reasons why someone may be required to rent a car for a longer amount of time than average. A long-term car rental is a great option when your personal vehicle is in the shop or when you’re going on a family vacation. What about college students that are only in town for a couple semesters or professionals traveling for business? Having the flexibility of a rental car can make your time away from home much more convenient and cost-effective. Check out these benefits of long-term car rental.

Better Financial Planning

Long-term car rental will give you the ability to budget your expenses. Your rental agreement will outline the total costs of the term that you’ll have the vehicle, allowing you to set a concrete budget for your travel. In addition, the longer that you rent the vehicle, you may have access to more savings.

Range of Choices

Pick the type of vehicle that will best serve your needs. You’ll have access to a full fleet of options that aren’t as limited to your budget and location as leasing or buying a car. Plus, if your needs happen to change, you can choose a vehicle that better meets the new requirements.

Customer Service

You’ll have access to a full staff of professionals that will be readily available to answer any questions you may have during your term or respond to any concerns that arise.

More Reliability

Although public transportation may be available, it could be a hassle having to learn the system and depend on it to be on time. Long-term car rental is the most reliable option, giving you the ability to come and go as you please and according to your schedule.


It’s true that leasing a car is less of a commitment than buying one, but it still may be more than what you need. With leasing comes limitations on mileage. It may also be difficult to find a timeframe specific enough to your time away from home. Long-term car rental gives you more flexibility in these areas and allows for more a customizable experience.