The summer driving season is here: slower work days, warmer temperatures and extended daylight. If you’re taking to the road to visit somewhere new, we want you to have the best time possible. Below are a four smartphone resources that can help you stay focused on the fun ahead.


No one likes getting stuck in traffic or being lost, especially when it takes away from time spent doing a fun activity. Waze, a crowdsourced approach to mobile navigation and road condition updates available for iOS and Android, is here to help! Similar to other navigation services out there, this app is easy to set-up and provides you with real-time audio directions and notifications about approaching hazards, slowing traffic, and police that other users report.


Save at the pump so you have more money for your upcoming adventure by using GasBuddy. Founded in 2000, this app and website is one of the longest running digital driving tools and allows users to find the best gas prices and stations nearest to their location. Additionally, you can calculate estimated costs for your trip and identify the most fuel efficient route ahead of time.

GasBuddy App

Google Maps and Reviews

Let you inner foodie take control with this mobile service that’s more than just a navigation tool. Google Maps allow you to quickly identify the best (and closest) culinary spots in a city thanks to user reviews. Also, did you know that search results often include “Popular Times” information so you can avoid long waits? Experiencing a new city and its culinary traditions has never been easier.

Google Maps with Restaurants

For the times when your outing hits a bump, there’s, which delivers road side assistance akin to AAA and others. This easy to use website helps users with a variety of common vehicle issues, such as lockouts, gas delivery and jumpstarts. Hopefully your next trip is mishap free, but knowing you’re never too far from help is a great feeling.

Roadside Assistance